Veritas Culture

Chris Armstrong and Vince Brantley are highly skilled, experienced, and effective culture executives who have led more than 3,000 successful facilitations. Through this award-winning team, Veritas Culture delivers lasting improvements in company culture by determining its root issues and offering root solutions. Both Chris and Vince bridge gender, racial, generational, and hierarchal gaps while simplifying complex concepts with ease. They challenge staff constructively and implement emotional intelligence, systems thinking, and culture understanding. These solutions lead to a more productive leadership and workforce.

  • INIFAC Certified Facilitators
  • ICF Certified Coaches
  • IDC Certified Diversity Executives
  • OKA Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessors
  • 3 x People’s Choice Diversity Award Winners
  • Former Culture Executives for 17,000+ and 10,000+ sized organizations
  • 4,000 culture facilitations and assessments in government, nonprofit, and for-profit industries
  • Former Diversity Executives
  • Frequent keynote and panel members for women empowerment efforts

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